Before you came to file tax return, bring following documents, if you have it.
1. T4 ; you will get from your employer, make sure you didn’t missing any T4, if you missed, CRA can be charge penalty.
2. T5: Bank will give you for your bank interest for $50 and more you earn for the year, or if you are shareholder in any company, you will get T5 for the dividend or profit.
3. T3: if you have investment In mutual fund, you can get this one.
4. T4E: if you unemployment and you get money from service Canada for unemployment or long sick leave or maternity leave. This is taxable income.
5. T5007: if you have income from WCB, or social benefit, you must add to your tax return.
6. T4A: If you have commission income or subcontract, you must have this paper to add in tax return.
7. If you receive, payment and you didn’t receive any document, still you can add in your income, with payor name and amount must be correct.
8. T5018: if you have subcontract income, you have add this on your income.
9. T4AP: if you have pension income as cpp, it is taxable, add in your income.
10. T4A(OAS): if you old age pension, you must have to add in your taxable income.
11. Any income you receive, you must show to your accountant at the time of tax return, everything difficult to explain, don’t decide yourself, let your account to decide, give all information, you have.

Benefit or Deduction:

1. Buspass: you must have to printout, when you pay for your compass card as bus pass amount, and take with you to file tax return.
2. Donation: All charitable receipts to be physically show your accountant, at tax time.
3. Childcare: If you have daycare of your child, you also give all receipts to your accountant.
4. Tuition fee receipt: you must have copy of T2202A for your study or for your children.
5. Sports& Art receipts: receipt for your children’s sports activity payment.
6. If you parent’s age 65 and older and living with you, you will get benefit, talk to accountant.
7. If you buy more than 3% of prescirbed medicines, you have keep receipts or get statement from drug store and give to accountant. Personal extended health or dental medical premium also deductible as medical expenses credit.
8. Every year there is some changes in benefits and deduction, review each year.