We will file for you GST, PST and WCB return.Every business has to have GST number mandatory if your gross income is more than $30,000. Exception for taxi drivers, as no minimum limit, every driver must have GST number.
To get GST number you can call 1-800-959-5525 and press *(star) to talk operator to activate GST.GST return to file quarterly or annually. If you filing period is annually, still you can pay GST installment.
If you believe, your annual GST pmt will be more than $3000, It is mandatory to pay GST quarterly in advance every year.
Some kind of business has to collect PST, that business has to register PST, they have to file PST return, monthly, quarterly or sixmonthly, depend upon Government approved. Every trade business must have wcb registration, this is government program.